Wednesday, 31 July 2013

That was July! Transitions into August...

As we say goodbye to July we look forward to August...! Its been a month of hard work, ups and downs and very busy! We say goodbye to Rob and Michel, who are leaving on new adventures and we wish them all the luck in the world! We welcome Julie, from France who we met in Thailand and soon to arrive, Jonatan & Marie from Sweden who were also working with us in Thailand last winter. Great people and and very professional, welcome to Ibiza! Here are some pics of them and the last couple of days here at Somni Blau!

Shots from Thailand...
Marie & Jon
Julie with Isa & Bern
Julie, Isa & Bern

Shots from the last few days...

Saturday, 27 July 2013

More to Discover!

So after the successful launch of the new Discover Scuba Diving program from PADI we are continuing with more great experiences!
Yesterday two friends from Germany on their first trip to Ibiza, decided there was more to the island than parties and chose to come and experience the magical underwater world instead of the clubs!

Who can blame them when for the cost of an entrance fee to one of the clubs you can have an amazing experience lasting 3 to 4 hours, get to do some healthy activity and see a world that is new and blue and wonderful!!??

Here are some shots of Daniel and Florian's adventure with Julie leading the way....

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What's New???

July is kicking in!
Water is calm, warm and transparent.

We had an amazing diving Festival!
Many people "Discover diving" and every body loved it!
New addicts in the tribe!
Thank you for all the support to PADI for all the new "DSD books" that give an amazing overview of the program to all the participants.
Thank you to the Mar y Playa kitchen staff to prepare incredible spanish food for everyone... It was delicious!
Thank you Karl to organise everything and make it happen!!

Isa came back from Punta Cana, everything passed... so we have a New Course Director in the crew.
Very happy.

Julie is here, the newest member of the team!
Very chatty and active as always, everybody love Julie!
Welcome to Ibiza!

Pictures coming soon!!

Friday, 5 July 2013

A day to celebrate!

Today is the first anniversary of one of our instructors, Michel and his girlfriend Renate!

Both from Holland, they met here in Ibiza last year as Michel was working here at Somni Blau and Renate was working in the bar and restaurant of the Apartamentos Mar y Playa.

At the end of last season they both left to work in Bonaire for the winter and both returned together to continue where they left off last year!

So, congratulations to you both, may this be the first of many happy anniversaries!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Festival De Buceo - Dive Festival 2013!!!

Este es el momento para todos los que nunca han probado el buceo antes!
PADI es el lanzamiento de su nuevo programa Descubre Buceo y estamos ofreciendo un día especial de la diversión en el agua. El precio DSD es una ganga por 65 euros incluyendo un buceo en barco y tenemos muchos regalos, alimentos y bebidas para todos los participantes! Así que si no has buceado antes, o conoces a alguien que no lo ha hecho, por favor compartir esto con ellos y entrar en contacto para reservar las plazas son limitadas!

¿Siempre has querido aprender a bucear pero no encontraste la ocasión para hacerlo? ¡Ahora es el momento! Anímate y participa en el Festival de Buceo, el 13 y 14 de julio de 2013. Podrás experimentar y probar lo que se siente al respirar bajo el agua por primera vez. Y todo ello bajo la atenta supervisión de un profesional PADI. Además a todos los participantes en la experiencia Discover Scuba Diving os esperan obsequios* y un vale por EURO 10 para la compra de productos PADI Sportswear**.

Cuando: 13 y 14 de julio de 2013

Como: Simplemente trae tu bañador. Te espera una experiencia única. Descubrirás un nuevo mundo bajo la superficie.
Donde: Somni Blau Diving Center

This is the time for all who have never tried diving before! PADI is launching its new Discover Scuba diving program and we are offering a special day of fun in the water. The DSD price is a bargain at 65 Euros including a boat dive and we have many giveaways, food and drinks for all participants! So if you haven't dived before, or you know someone that hasn't, please share this with them and get in touch to book for the limited places!

Dive Festival 2013 Go for it! Come and join in the 2013 Dive Festival on the 13th and 14th of July. You too could try out what it feels like to breathe underwater for the first time. And all that under the close supervision of a PADI Professional. What's more, all the participants of the Discover Scuba Diving experience will receive some free gifts* and a voucher worth 10 Euros towards the purchase of PADI Sportswear**.

When: 13th and 14th of July 2013
How: Just bring your swimming costume. A unique experience is waiting for you. Discover a new world beneath the surface.
Where: Somni Blau Diving Center