Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What's New???

July is kicking in!
Water is calm, warm and transparent.

We had an amazing diving Festival!
Many people "Discover diving" and every body loved it!
New addicts in the tribe!
Thank you for all the support to PADI for all the new "DSD books" that give an amazing overview of the program to all the participants.
Thank you to the Mar y Playa kitchen staff to prepare incredible spanish food for everyone... It was delicious!
Thank you Karl to organise everything and make it happen!!

Isa came back from Punta Cana, everything passed... so we have a New Course Director in the crew.
Very happy.

Julie is here, the newest member of the team!
Very chatty and active as always, everybody love Julie!
Welcome to Ibiza!

Pictures coming soon!!

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