Friday, 2 August 2013

Not customers but friends...

Working in the dive industry we are always meeting new people who pass through, have fun, we say goodbye and more new people arrive.

Not so with the Connollys!

We first met Martyn, Karen and James in Menorca 2007 when they came back to their favourite holiday destination Cala Galdana.
Nothing much had changed except that the dive centre had new owners, Isa and Karl.

The new name was Sea Gypsy Divers which may have made them a bit apprehensive at first!

After a few dives in the pool with James who at the time was to young to start a course, the guys became good friends and as we used to have bbq's throughout the summer, we invited them along and they slowly became part of the Family!

Included in our family style centre were our Captain, Isa's cousin, Nano, Laura, Nano's wife and their son Nicolas.

The Connollys came back to Cala Galdana year after year and the friendship grew and it was always something to look forward to each season. One season they all came back three times during the summer! 

Isa and Karl sold the dive centre at the end of 2008 and we headed off once more into the deep blue yonder.

After a while they ended up in the Maldives and were still in touch with Martyn, Karen and James. They had been back to Cala Galdana and had a great time but James was now of the age where he could take his Open Water course and he had asked if he could do it with Isa and Karl.

Ok, so if that is going to happen its going to happen in the Maldives! A while later the Connollys were greeted off the boat at Thulaghiri by Isa and Karl, half way round the planet and we were all together again!

James completed the Open Water course and allot of fun was had by all. Even if they had the weirdest waiter in the world, Mohamed. (which was not his name, he just used to tell people that so that when they complained, the managers didn't know who they were talking about!)

So that was a few years ago and since then Isa and Karl have been travelling around and here we are now in Ibiza at Somni Blau. Martyn, Karen and James have been back to Menorca a few times to dive and also to see Nano, Laura and Nicolas who are still there running his own boat charter visiting the beautiful calas of the south coast. (if your heading to Menorca its a must!) check it out here

Once again the guys decided to try something new and came to Ibiza this week!

Martyn and James dived almost every day while Karen was relaxing at the hotel. We have been really busy this week so only managed to have dinner once but its great to see them all again!

The moral of the story?

There isn't one really. Its just a great feeling to realise how lucky you can be in this industry.
Not only do we get to work at something that is a passion, but we sometimes come across good people who become great friends.

Thank you guys to make the effort so many times to find us wherever we are in the world!

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