Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Just a Click away :-)

So the season is kicking in, and we are loving it!

The weather is amazing and the sea is beautiful.

This island is renowned by her amazing light, and for that reason, a lot of photographers come over here to take the shot of there life.
On land or underwater, there is thousands of possibilities to take the perfect "click"!

At the dive centre we have our professional photographer, Karl Marchant (check out his web site: www.neutralbuoyancyimages.com).
He teaches photography at all levels.
From beginners that just want to take the first shot underwater (Underwater Digital Photography Specialty, PADI), or for professionals, "on land photographers" that want to start to take pictures underwater, or for diving professionals, Dive Masters and Instructors, that want to do something new with there underwater skills.

Karl just launched his Professional Underwater course, this is NOT a PADI course, but he has created it with all his knowledge and passion to give you the best tips ever and help you towards "the perfect shot".

Bernard and Sebastien, both dive Instructors, are enjoying it at the moment!
Well done guys, can't wait to see your pictures!!!

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