Saturday, 11 May 2013

Medieval Market

Let's start from the beginning...
Do you remember that yesterday I said that Rob was a girl?
Keep that in mind... because now is the Indiana Jones of the locals! that's as good as it gets!! ;-)

Yesterday after our very cool day, we decided to do "cultural" and go to the Medieval Market that is actually amazing!
Every second week end in May, they transform Ibiza's old town, in what I guess, use to be, in Medieval times (but cleaner!).
So many many locals, put little stores and food/drink stores in the streets and it look amazing!

We were going to be there nice and early, but for some reason in our time off, the all team manage to meet up nice and late... Spanish people are contagious!!
We were so late, that I contacted Rob to let him know that we were going to be late, an hour later, I got a message from Rob, telling me that he was going to be even later because, that's the funny part, he had to go for a dive in the marina because one of the boats got a line suck on the propeller (probably from 5pm, but they decided to call Rob at 8h30pm) and he had to go diving, finally, even if his semi dry suit is not here yet!!
The water is actually ok, is not so cold!
The funny part, is that Rob was telling us, that, of course, he didn't take his camera, and that the sun set was amazing from the water!!
So now, Rob is the local hero!!

When we arrived to pick him up, he was just coming out of a car, still in his wet suit.

Anyway, at the end, we make it to the Medieval Market at 11pm!! yuhuuuuu
Didn't matter, it was still amazing, and probably with way less people that at 7pm that was the original meeting time!

So we walked and walked around the market, had lots and lots of food and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of Dalt Villa.

If one day you can take some time off the second week end of May, come to Ibiza, Dive (of course) and enjoy the Medieval Market that is just amazing!

Have a great week end

Somni Blau Team

Isa and Giampy, and Karl in the back, the photographer caught in a picture!!

Fabien, our first DSD of the season, Rob, local hero, Karl, the photographer, Isa and Giampy with his phone!!

Isa with Bernard, after his first day teaching as an Instructor: yuhuuuuu

Dalt Villa by night.... no words to describe

The team!

Thank you Phil for the pictures!! xxx

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